Philips is competing with iBeacon

Philips today showed a prototype of the ‘intelligent in-store LED lighting system’ at the Euroshop conference in Germany. This LED lighting system has a built-in transmitter that offers approximately the same functionality as iBeacon sensors. Philips is focusing on retailers who want to take a step with proximity marketing in stores.

Every LED a sensor

The concept revolves around sensors that are built into every LED lamp in the store. Based on these sensors, a smartphone app can determine where the customer is in the store and show specific messages or provide indoor navigation in the same way as this is possible with iBeacon sensors.

No new hardware?

Gerben van der Lugt from Philips has the advantage that no additional hardware has to be purchased:

The beauty of the system is that retailers do not have to invest in additional infrastructure to house, power and support location beacons for indoor positioning. The light fixtures themselves can communicate this information by virtue of their presence everywhere in the store.

, Of course, it is true that all existing lighting must be replaced with a new LED intelligent lighting system from Philips. The question is whether this outweighs the ever-decreasing costs of iBeacons (for bulk purchases between € 3 and € 15 each). Of course, the switch to new LED lighting does entail cost savings if ‘old-fashioned’ fluorescent or halogen lighting is still used.

Is this an iBeacon clone?

Philips outlines in an infographic (see below this article) a scenario in which a customer with a smartphone selects a recipe in an app, the LED lighting points the way to the ingredients for this (indoor navigation), gives a discount on advocados (personalized offer) and a suggestion for a dessert (personalized upsell). Functionality that also iBeacon can offer at the moment.

In the press release, Philips does not discuss the possibilities for integration in apps, uses technology or standard for this new system. It is therefore still unclear whether Bluetooth LE is being used, as is the case with iBeacon with its own technical standard (such as Gimbal does).

Philips intelligent in-store LED lighting system

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