Tesco use iBeacons in new trial to send exclusive discounts on Magnum's new Pink and Black ice cream to customers via their smartphone

Tesco and Unilever have collaborated to promote Magnum’s new campaign by implementing iBeacon technology in a new trial. The trial will allow customers in close proximity to one of the stores to receive exclusive discounts on Magnum’s new Pink and Black ice creams.

Magnum’s Global Brand Director, Neil Gledhill, stated: “We’re always looking at innovative ways to deliver on Magnum’s brand promise of delivering pleasure and to be able to do it at scale with a partner like Tesco is fantastic.” The UK’s biggest iBeacon launch will take place in 270 Tesco Express stores in London. Beacon’s located in each store will deliver push notifications to customers with the app downloaded on their mobile device. The app will also enable customer’s to invite friends to join them.

Customers with iBeacon app to receive discounts on Magnum in Tesco stores

Tesco’s convenience managing director, Tony Reed, commented: “We’re constantly seeking new and exciting ways for our customers to shop with us and receive great offers. With summer on the way, we’re delighted to trial this concept and can’t wait to get our customers’ feedback.” With the combination of app development and iBeacon technology, it seems that Tesco are looking to move beyond their physical Clubcard by bringing their loyalty programme to digital screens via mobile apps.

Lawrence Weber, a Managing Partner Innovator, said: “We’re fascinated by the potential for new technology to join up the retail journey. Work on this trial with Tesco and Unilever has been a great opportunity to learn about consumer reactions to new types of brand communications.”

 Data and insights obtained from the trial will help both Tesco and Unilever identify how this new proximity marketing strategy has increased sales. Moreover, customer retention is sure to be improved once iBeacon technology becomes a prominent marketing strategy for retailers.

There are a number of UK brands and retail stores such as, Waitrose, House of Fraser and John Lewis that have trialled iBeacon technology. However, Tesco’s iBeacon launch will be taking place in a large number of stores, which means they will reach more customers with personalised promotional offers.