Shopping Experiences – House of Fraser’s Beacon Mannequins

Beacon Mannequins in action

House of Fraser uses beacon-operated mannequins to enhance shopping experience

Mannequins with beacons use enhance shopping experiences as they notify shoppers on the items of clothing they are wearingHouse of Fraser is using VMBeacons in one of their stores located in Aberdeen.  The proximity marketing campaign will enhance the shopping experience of customers. It is also being trialled to monitor the effectiveness of beacons when it comes to retailers communicating with their customers.

In order to make use of any proximity marketing campaign involving beacons shoppers at the House of Fraser must have the app from Iconeme downloaded on their smartphones before they are able to receive content- specific notifications. Iconeme is the name of the technology and design company, which is providing technological support for House of Fraser’s campaign.


Enhanced Shopping Experiences using Proximity Communication

Proximity marketing beacon mannequins in action. Relevant information is sent directly to customers' smartphone to enhance shopping experiences.When shoppers are within the 50-metre range of mannequins, the beacons will provide shoppers with further information on items the mannequin is wearing via the app. Some information may include price, size and whereabouts they can find the product in store.

Although customers can gain access to rewards and discounts, the idea behind proximity marketing is to engage House of Fraser customers and maximise their shopping experience. Customers can then go on to extend their shopping experiences by sharing products they find in store with friends via social media.


Executive director for multichannel at House of Fraser, Andy Harding, stated: “We are always looking at ways to integrate new and innovative technology to help maximise customer shopping experiences. With such demand from mobile devices, it’s important we continue to bring new technology to our stores.”

In addition, the main objective here is that retailers using beacons can obtain useful information about those visiting their store.  Gender, age, what shoppers looked for, what they purchased and how long they spent in an aisle are examples of data obtained. Such information allows companies like House of Fraser to evaluate the services they currently provide.

Moreover, the use of beacons in proximity marketing creates a platform in which companies can improve their marketing strategies, thus enabling them to produce relevant content for their customers.