Retail Proximity Marketing Review

A Review of retail proximity marketing using ibeacons

UK Shopping Centre

In the latest of a series of articles on how proximity marketing is being used, here we review how a UK shopping centre used beacons creatively for a special event.

On the 29th of May, hundreds of retailers including Krispy Kreme, Hotel Chocolat, Cath Kidston and House of Fraser took part in a ground breaking launch at a Sheffield shopping centre. The event called “Ladies’ night” was targeted at the female consumer, and was unique in that it was the first in the UK to gamify an event using iBeacon technology.

Retail Proximity Marketing in action

As reported by Shopping Centre magazine, Ladies’ Night was the start of a trial period based on increasing customer engagement using technology at the Meadowhall shopping centre. The centre’s marketing team developed an app, designed to work in conjunction with key events across the location’s calendar. The app uses beacon technology to feed users with real-time discount offers and promotions.

This case study is a review on how retail is using proximity marketing. We've named it retail proximity marketing, we are interested in reading about trials

“As a centre, we have spent time watching and understanding the growth of digital technology, and listening to our customers to understand what they want and expect from it,” said the centre’s marketing director, Richard Pinfold. “iBeacon is an exciting marketing concept, and will allow the shopping centre to monitor costumers’ response”.

Walking in to one of the many beacon-enabled hotspots at the Ladies’ Night event gave shoppers the opportunity to redeem rewards, creating a user friendly treasure hunt style theme with a time limited and exclusive feel.

One of the lessons learned from the event was that if hotspots were staged to go live at different times in different locations it created a great deal of excitement with consumers, and also managed their movement around the centre.

This retail proximity marketing event saw 12,000 incremental visitors within a three hour period, and all offers were activated and redeem within 50 minutes.

“We will be closely monitoring our customers’ response to the trial to best manage the frequency and targeting of messages, and indeed the hotspot locations as a result,” commented the Marketing Director.

Our view is that this is a perfect example of using beacons to engage shoppers in a relevant and timely way, at the same time promoting the centre as an exciting place to be. What’s more, the centre learned a lot about visitor behaviour that it can apply to future events and its communication campaigns in general.