Building and maintaining complete proximity marketing solutions are an important part of the work we do.  In our effort to understand and surpass our customers needs we often work with partners to extend our suite of services.  If you are interested in becoming a proximity marketing partner, and your company has a similar ethos to ours, please contact us. 

We Are Apps

Airspace proximity marketing networks are powered by We Are Apps.

We Are Apps offer an end-to-end service in the planning, concept, design, technical development and promotion of smartphone, tablet, desktop and TV apps. If a client does not have an app they can create one for them.  Otherwise, they can integrate proximity marketing solutions into their existing app.


InReality is a customer experience strategy and design firm that helps their worldwide clients understand and improve how customers experience their brand. The partnership with InReality enables us to supply their client list with experiential engagement along with proximity marketing solutions.


eReceipts allows retailers to data-capture consumers, so that they can utilise that data to engage with the consumer. By becoming a proximity marketing partner this allows the retailer to engage with that consumer at the location and show relevant offers that will increase consumer spend.

Intermarketing Agency

Intermarketing Agency are an award winning full-service marketing agency, delivering effective marketing campaigns over 25 years for brands across the UK and Europe. With a proven ability to deliver results across TV, radio and printed media, online and response media Intermarketing Agency can create a holistic user journey from first contact right through to in-store experience, using proximity engagement.


Podifi offers consumers a way to interact with brands via their mobile device.  By becoming a proximity marketing partner, they are able to offer the retailer services that pinpoint the consumer’s location and understand their behaviour, while also sending highly targeted messaging.