Proximity Engagement – EasyJet Trials iBeacons in Airports

Notification received by easyjet passengers remind them when and where they need to go in the airport

This summer, easyJet became the first European airline to use iBeacons to enhance proximity engagement.

EasyJet use Beacons in airports to increase proximity engagementEasyJet indicated that the beacons were trialled in three airports: Luton, Gatwick (London) and Charles de Guaulle (Paris).
The beacons were strategically placed in specific locations of the airport to enhance proximity engagement at the right time. James Millet, Head of Digital at easyJet explained the usage of the beacons in the first stages of its introduction. “We’ll use the technology initially at the bag drop and security areas, and we’ll use it to remind passengers that they need to have certain documentation ready.”

This application will enable easyJet to monitor how passengers are reacting to their proximity engagement trial before advancing onto further ideas.

Summary of how easyJet customers travelling through airports can benefit from iBeacons

EasyJet’s official app has been downloaded over 9 million times by smartphones users, thus making this beacon trial beneficial to those with the app. Signals transmitted by the beacons prompt the easyJet app to send notifications to customers. The information is only sent out to smartphones when they are in the proximity of a beacon so only relevant messages are received. EasyJet have stated that the technology will also enable passengers to easily navigate their way around the airport. In addition, passengers will be able to receive direct support without having to seek support from staff members at the airport.

Millet also went on to express that the reason why easyJet has adopted the use of beacons in such an innovative way is to make things easier for their customers. Commercial Director, Peter Duffy, also supported this proximity engagement trial: “By becoming the first airline to trial iBeacons across Europe we can help speed up the airport journey and provide assistance to our passengers making it even easier to fly with easyJet.” For passengers to fully take advantage of this proximity engagement campaign they will need to install the easyJet app. Also, their Bluetooth and location services must be enabled on their smartphones once they arrive at the airport.