Private and Open Airspaces

Private Airspaces

A Private Airspace is used only by the organisation, for their own proximity marketing.

Usually, the beacons are owned by the organisation (although we can supply and maintain the beacons on your behalf). Most chain stores will have between one and three beacons at each location. The store may also be using geo-fencing to extend the range of the Airspace.

Private Airspaces aren’t open to advertisers so the retailer has complete control over the engagement with their customer.

Open Airspaces

Open Airspaces are operated by Airspace on a venue owner’s behalf and Airspace will provider advertising revenue to the owner.

The best way to think of it is a landlord can not only rent out their bricks and mortar property to tenants, but also the air space around the property as well. This makes Open Airspace perfect for Shopping Centre owners and operators who are looking for ways to monetise their high footfall through advertising opportunities.