Personalised experience with proximity marketing

Proximity Marketing at St. George bank

This is a review of how St. George Bank is trailing proximity marketing

St. George Bank is showing interest in creating a personalised experience with proximity marketing. They have started trials using beacons, iBeacon within three of its branches in Sydney.  This trial will be available to customers using iPhones only at this time.

iBeacons where implemented in all US Apple retails stores as of December of 2013. Australia has been slow to implement the technology, however we are just now starting to see a few use cases. St. George Bank is proud to announce that they will be the first bank in Australia to trial the technology, by creating a personalised experience with proximity marketing.

St. George Bank iphone app screen that is creating a personalised experience with proximity marketing“The iBeacon trial forms part of a broader investment in our retail branches that will see more digital technology and increased staff expertise to make banking simpler, easier and faster for our customers,” said George Frazis, CEO of the St.George Banking Group.

Personalised experience with proximity marketing

An iBeacon will be used to detect when a customer walks into a St. George Bank branch. The customer will receive a welcome message and relevant, tailored message on their iPhone. They can then choose to respond to the information or cancel any interaction.

The three branches are located in Bondi Junction, Blacktown and Penrith. In order to participate in the trial you will need to opt-in and you’ll need to have the St. George Bank iOS app installed.

St. George Bank is interested in reviewing the feed back from customers once the trials are complete before implementing a large-scale roll out.

Summary of St. George Proximity Marketing Campaign

It’s great that the bank is trailing this new technology.  I do think that the application of this trial leaves a little to be desired. It would have been a good idea to make good use of the users location such as them entering a que, and then send them a message alerting them to the fact that they can use the self service areas for specific actions with little or no que.  Sending a welcome message to the user with a few high level options, will not create an enhanced customer experience.