Who owns the in-store digital relationship?

Proximity marketing provides a better digital relationship and more loyal customers


This article first appeared on LinkedIn.

We recently commissioned independent research into how UK brands are reacting to proximity marketing as an opportunity. 99% plan to do it, 79% in the next six months. If you’ve haven’t already seen it you can download the whitepaper in the Research section.

From these findings, I think we can fully expect that brands are going to be targeting in-store user’s smartphones in very interesting and ultimately rewarding ways very soon. But who owns the in-store digital relationship and who, inside the brands will have responsibility for this?

It’s a win/win for both parties. The customer gets what they want, whether it’s financial incentives to purchase, innovative content on the products they like or simply just a better shopping experience thanks to insights on their behaviour that lead to better designed and staffed stores. And the stores – or restaurants or theme parks or sport stadiums or any high footfall location – get better conversion rates, a better digital relationship, more loyal and hopefully more frequent customers thanks to the insights that proximity delivers to their retail methods…

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