Using proximity marketing to increase customer loyalty

Proximity marketing is a powerful tool for generating increased loyalty with visitors to your store or other location. There are a number of ways to do this; by adding proximity based messaging into your existing loyalty system; by creating a loyalty system based on customer visits; by creating experiences that create loyalty.

This can be a simple as using surveys or competition and mechanics that are delivered only when the user is near your location.


An example of creating customer loyalty.

Increase customer loyalty with proximity marketing.  Example of a coffee shop using proximity marketing to increase customer loyalty.You could be a chain of coffee shops that already has an app and already offers customers a free coffee for every ten purchased. But you are doing this using stamps on a card.

Using the Airspace Control Room, our Context Management System you can do a number of things that not only reward your loyal customers but can also increase frequency of visits.

Using geo-fencing you can create a proximity marketing zone and target them with messaging at specific times or when you know they’ve passed by seven times but haven’t come in store.

Once they are in-store, you can reward the visit. But unlike the card and stamp system you can now collect data on the visit, like time of day. Or whether they stayed or took their drink away. You can even capture their preferences so that on hot sunny days you know they are partial to refreshing cooler teas.

Once you use analytics data to understand behaviour you can start to create highly relevant communications and enhance engagement, increase customer loyalty and maximise your return on investment in mobile technology.

If you’d like to know more about how you can use proximity marketing to increase customer loyalty, contact our Trials Team who will be happy to talk through ideas and tell you what’s involved.