Proximity Marketing using geo-fencing
Communicate with and drive customers into a location

Use geo-fencing to pull your customers in

Airspaces Context Management System allows users to create geo-fenced zones, which allow them to target app users from 100m to many kilometres away.

It means you can pull a user in from a few streets away right to your front door. Then beacons can take over and guide the user to a specific area inside your location.

Using the Airspace context management system, you don’t have to broadcast a message to all smartphone users all of the time. That would be annoying. Instead, you can use the powerful scheduling and frequency tools built into the Airspace Control Room to make sure you target a user only when it’s most relevant.

An example of geo-fencing in action

You might be a fashion retailer with stores in multiple shopping centres. Using the Airspace Control Room, our Context Management System you can set a geo-fence region around each store, say of 1km. This means anyone with your app, who comes into a shopping centre with one of your stores, will receive a message. The message can be anything you want but Airspace has standardised creative templates for the most engaging message types, like a time-sensitive discount that drives them to your store before they go to a rival.

That message will drive them towards your store. If you are using beacons, when they are within 50m of the store you can then drive them to a specific area, like a department, aisle or even shelf or rail.

So geo-fencing is great for driving footfall towards your location and beacons are more for when the user is very close by and also inside the store.