Experiential Marketing – Nivea and iBeacons

Experiential Marketing - Nivea at the beach

Nivea has launched an experiential marketing campaign using iBeacons.  They have used StickNFind iBeacons to allow parents who bring their children to the beach keep an eye on them using an app .

Experiential marketing Nivea at the BeachAs Gabriel Beltrone reviews in AdweekVeja Rio magazine subscribers received an ad with a pop up bracelet. Then, wrapping the water resistant bracelet around child’s arm, and downloading an app from Nivea, parents can define a safe area.

If the child wanders outside the safe zone, an alarm sounds in parents’ smartphone. Click the link below to review the experience in this Nivea video.

Summary of Experiential Marketing

This case study is an excellent and creative use of the technology and, in my opinion is a good example of experiential marketing. I understand that we will see more and more creative uses of proximity marketing, although this is not exactly the way that they’ve used the tools. They are still building brand awareness (which feels like a practical and almost effortless marketing) they are giving the customer something that is very useful.