Enhanced customer experience – Odeon review

Proximity Marketing Odeon

Odeon using proximity marketing for an enhanced customer experience

In the next few months Odeon will be conducting a trial of beacons, they want to welcome people to the cinema, let them know about special offers, share information creating an enhanced customer experience overall.

The focusCreate an enhanced customer experience with proximity marketing Odeon of the trail is an enhanced customer experience, they would like to allow customers to scan film posters with their mobile phones, see movie trailers and receive reminders when those films are released in the cinema.

“As a retailer we are looking at how we can use WiFi and iBeacon technology to give us more insight. Without being intrusive we want to understand things like using mobile technology to see average dwell time in the foyer, what is people’s route through the cinema, do you go in and come back again? You can’t talk to them if you know that but it at least gives insight into customers in the retail space,” Odeon’s commercial director Andy Edge says.


Summary of how Odeon is using proximity marketing to create an enhanced customer experience

We are starting to see more and more installations of proximity marketing. It’s great to see a retailer understand that proximity marketing is not just about pushing discounts or incentives to purchase, but also about engaging visitors to enhance the brand experience, as well as creating an enhanced customer experience.

There are some very practical ways that Odeon could be using proximity marketing to increase revenue and sell tickets. For example, in the middle of the afternoon on a slow day, they have shows scheduled whether visitors are there or not.  It would seem practical to announce the early bird special to all users within a specific range.  If 10 additional customers accepted the special, they still increased their daily profit by 10. That particular example, not only enhance the customer experience, but also increases Odeon’s profits.

While I think that Odeon should be commended on taking steps with this new technology, I would have been more impressed with a far more integrated approach to creating an enhanced customer experience.