Customer Journeys – British Airways Employ Beacons

Customer journeys are being enhanced as beacons provide customer's with the British Airways' app with relevant content on when and where to board the aircraft

British Airways are using beacons in airports to aid travellers without bombarding them with push notifications.

British Airways are creating enhanced customer journeys by using proximity engagement strategies in both Terminals 3 and 5 at Heathrow Airport. Customers that have the upgraded version of British Airways’ mobile app will gain exclusive access to relevant content to make their travel easier. Undoubtedly, both android and iPhone users will benefit from knowing when their gate is open and when its time to board the aircraft directly from their smartphone.

Customer journeys are being enhanced as those with the app benefit from knowing when their gate is open and when its time to board the aircraft directly from their smartphone.

Proximity engagement will provide enhanced customer journeys

According to The Drum, British Airways have eliminated the issue involving customers not being able to connect with Wi-Fi, by sending them a welcome message and the Wi-Fi password once they enter the airport lounge. Not being able to connect to Wi-Fi has proved to be a stumbling block and an issue that often arises with beacons but is beginning to be overcome.

Kevin McQuillan, head of and mobile stated how beacons will add value to customer journeys without bombarding them with notifications, “The airline industry has an incredible opportunity [with proximity marketing], unlike maybe some other industries. We have a relationship [with consumers] right from that consideration point through to purchase and beyond and thinking about how we can use mobile and digital through that stage is critical.”

McQuillin went on to express that “being contextual” is one of British Airways’ visions and developing personalised experiences throughout customer journeys with proximity engagement is an aim they’re likely to achieve.

Unquestionably, it’s evident that British Airways are moving away from the traditional use of beacons. Rather than using beacons to send location-based notifications about the latest offers and discounts, British Airways are using proximity engagement to provide customers with instant information and relevant content to help navigate their way around the airport to the aircraft.



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