Airspace Control Room

Our Context Management System


Airspace proximity marketing networks are specifically designed to help you increase engagement, increase loyalty and understand visitors better to maximise your investment in mobile technology.

Proximity marketing is about using the mobile user’s location to send timely and highly relevant messaging and communications.

The Airspace Control Room, our context management system allows you create geo-fenced and beacon-enabled campaigns. It then provides tools for optimised campaign management, ensuring you get the all-important frequency-of-delivery decisions right and show which communications work and which don’t. Alongside that, powerful analytics will help you learn a lot about how visitors move around your location, from hot spots to dwell times, meaning you can also use the platform to optimise your layout.

Our context management system is specifically designed to help you manage your beacon network so that you benefit from the technology with the minimum amount of resource and infrastructure.

The context management system is very simple to use. In addition, our proximity marketing specialists can help you maximise your investment by planning, evaluating and optimising your campaigns in real time.

If you haven’t tried proximity marketing yet, our team can take you through what you need to do to set up a trial of the technology.