Use Automotive Location Intelligence to increase sales conversion

Airspace’s Automotive Location Intelligence methodology is deployed to the retail showroom to provide product-specific experiences for the customer, tools for the sales team and insight over everything for the OEM. It’s designed to increase operational efficiency and to maximise the opportunity-for-sale from each showroom visitor.

Using smartphone and tablet technology, the retail dealership and franchise manufacturer can gather digital showroom analytics data via mobile devices to get a real-time insight into customer requirements and insights. Using the data, delivered via branded-app tools, the dealership can optimise the customer journey and the OEM can increase retailer performance, customer knowledge and ultimately sales conversion.

Understand customer behaviour more fully

Dedicated automotive sales tool apps will lead both the customer and sales team through optimised processes designed to increase sales conversion. The Automotive Location Intelligence system will give you a direct insight on these interactions, ‘over-the-air’ from the sales floor. Integrated within the tools are highly accurate location analysis components which gather data on which vehicles the customer is interested in, what features they are most interested in and even how they interact with the vehicle. The choices and preferences made are all captured and displayed in real-time analytics.

Enhance the customer experience, for more sales

Product participation tools enhance the experience for the customer and are designed to be used either by the sales staff or directly by any customer who wants to ‘self-serve’ in the showroom. The visitor can discover enhanced content and product information, during which their choices and preferences are captured for both retailer and OEM to learn more about the customer. Participation options include Augmented Reality (AR) and Social Media components designed to increase brand perception and deliver a quality customer experience.

Create business efficiencies and benchmark performance

Using the data and insights made available from customer qualification and product participation tools, the OEM can benchmark retailer performance to drive efficiency and improve sales conversion and customer satisfaction. Dealership management teams can quickly spot when optimised processes are not being followed and act swiftly to ensure optimal performance from sales staff.

More insight, more control

Too many salespeople fail to qualify every lead and/or try and sell ‘off-process’. Too many potential customers walk away from the dealership without a deal in place. Location Intelligence is designed to give both the dealership and OEM better insight into what is happening on the sales floor. With the right sales tools in place and live data fed back to a web-based dashboard, OEM’s can quickly see trends and indicators direct from the sales floor and react accordingly to help the dealership improve its sales conversion.

Solutions you can build on

Simple Location Intelligence activity can be commissioned at low cost, giving the OEM the opportunity to first discover and then grow the power of connected showroom marketing.

Talk to us about building a package aligned with your business and marketing objectives that leads to a connected retail network that is ready to take your brand into the future.

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