Our Proximity Marketing Specialists can
help you create an effective app to get the most out of your campaigns.

App development

Airspace’s geo-fencing and beacon proximity marketing technology will work in any iOS or Android app that deploys our SDK. If you have an app already you can add proximity marketing functionality  simply by adding the Airspace SDK to your development stack and then using Control Room to manage your campaigns.

If you don’t have an application already our app development partners We Are Apps can create one for you. They have a wealth of experience in creating location-based applications for iOS and Android (windows phones aren’t beacon-enabled at the time of writing). If you have a ‘web app’ or mobile website beacon-enabled location detection technology doesn’t work with these sites websites, as only apps can be woken up to display a message. However it may be possible to ‘wrap’ the code you have into an app and then add the Airspace SDK, so that you can start to benefit from location-based proximity marketing.

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You don’t need to create an elaborate app

It’s true that ‘everything is going mobile’ and you may already have decided to invest in making sure your ecommerce site is optimised for mobile. If you’ve already invested in an optimised-for-mobile website, we can simply ‘wrap’ that site inside an app so that it can be distributed through app stores, and more importantly, now access the proximity marketing features that smartphones only make available to apps and not website. The other alternative is to create a creative ’engagement app’ that is designed not to sell off the page but to increase brand engagement and loyalty. These kinds of apps are often a fraction of the cost of creating fully ecommerce-enabled apps.

An example of an engagement app

You could be a street-wise fashion brand with distinct collections each season. An engagement app could feature a ‘lookbook’ for each new season, something that’s inexpensive to produce but desirable (and downloadable) by followers of the brand. With Airspace’s proximity marketing technology enabled, individual store managers or the national marketing team can create relevant messages to distribute via the app. So on a hot summer’s day nearby users receive a message direct to their device, displaying the latest shorts and the message ‘It’s too hot for jeans today. Come and try these beauties on.’ If you don’t have an app already, talk to Airspace’s proximity specialists about how to create one.


*One of Airspace’s features is that it can update your messages in the background whenever the user is online, ready to display them in the app even when there is no signal at the back of a store.