Trial proximity marketing to smartphones, with Airspace Pilot

Trial proximity interaction with smartphones and take your clients to a new level of engagement and insight

Selfie_WhiteUsing Airspace Pilot, creative, media and communications agencies can quickly and cost-effectively introduce their clients to the benefits of proximity engagement with a ready-made suite of technology and services.

Pilot makes it incredibly easy to set up a small network of proximity marketing zones, create campaigns to send to smartphones that enter the zones, monitor responses and optimise the communications the brand wants to trial.

In real time, you can work with your client and our proximity engagement experts and see what works and what doesn’t – at low cost and low risk. Once the trial is complete and the results analysed, the technology can quickly be migrated into a permanent solution.

Communications can be anything from mobile vouchers delivered in proximity to specific areas, competitions, content engagement (including video) or simply delivering more information about an event or service direct into the user’s mobile.

Proximity Marketing Software - Cloud based context management systePilot can also be used for gathering insights on how your visitors are using your location, as you monitor dwell times, hot and cold spots and visit duration among other location analytics. Trials can be run in just a single venue or across multiple locations.

Pilot has full access to all of Control Room’s powerful campaign management features, include communications frequency and calendars, as well as the insight suite of in-store analytics.

Download the Fact Sheet.