Trial proximity marketing to smartphones, with Airspace Pilot

Airspace Pilot
Ready-to-go proximity trial

Trial proximity marketing to smartphones, with Airspace Pilot

Trial proximity marketing to smartphones, with Airspace Pilot

Engage audiences

A three-month, low-cost trial of proximity engagement and insight

Airspace Pilot is a ready-to-execute package of everything you need to trial proximity marketing and in-store analytics. Retail and leisure locations can use Pilot to quickly set up a proximity marketing network – an Airspace – in one or more venues and start engaging visitors via their smartphones. Pilot is ideal for running an engagement campaign during key shopping events, for example major sales or holiday periods, to encourage footfall and increase conversion. Pilot can also be used to promote leisure experiences centred around a key venue, such as a football stadium or an upcoming calendar of events, such as a festival.


Drive customers to tenant partners

Idea: With your tenant partners, create a self-liquidating event around key shopping times like Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas or a new fashion season. It could be as simple as a ‘treasure hunt’ activity that encourages shoppers to move around the location. The benefits will come from involving your brands and learning how your visitors interact.



Increase engagement and showcase your brand

Idea: Engage a trial selection of your customers with key messages. This could be ‘Trending this Week,’ or recommendations by your stylists, if you are a fashion brand. Or showcase a new season’s collection or range of products. You could also trial staff communication ideas.



Boost sales or product promotion

Idea: Use Pilot to promote key events or to up-sell to current visitors. It could be the Autumn season for a cultural venue or a fixture list for a sports bar or pub. Or a coffee chain could promote time-sensitive offers such as a mid-afternoon sweet treat to increase spend and learn preferences. Or you could trial the impacts of testing different messages and different times and locations.


We believe proximity marketing – using the location context to communicate relevant messages to your visitors and learn more about their behaviour in-store – is going to have a significant impact on your business. Airspace Pilot provides a low cost, low risk and easily manageable way to trial the technology before you are ready to embrace the channel fully. We’ve produced a two-page factsheet on Pilot so you can quickly see what’s involved before you talk to our proximity marketing team.


Download the Fact Sheet.


Our proximity engagement specialists are ready to help you trial this breakthrough technology.

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