Increase revenue, brand engagement and in-store insights
using the Airspace proximity marketing platform

Airspace’s Location Intelligence proximity marketing platform provides retailers with the opportunity to utilise the huge increase in smartphone use by shoppers.

When in-store, customers can benefit from direct engagement with the brand via their smartphone and the retailer can benefit from increased insight on customer behaviour, more opportunities to deliver brand engagement and the ability to boost sales conversion rates.

The retailer can gather real-time in-store analytics, of the kind until now only delivered by their website, to get an insight of activity on the shopfloor. This includes the preferences indicated by customer interaction with digital content.

Location Intelligence can also be used to accurately monitor footfall traffic, both in-store and directly passing the location.

And using Airspace’s location engagement features, retailers can actively drive traffic in-store from nearby fans of the brand.

Understand customer behaviour in-store

Mobile content is no longer limited to vouchers and coupons. Airspace’s content delivery platform can be used to engage customers with many types of engagement that, as well as delivering a heightened brand experience, can also be used to understand customer preferences and desire when in the shopping state.

Simple analytics can show consumer movement around the store, including dwell times and hot and cold spots, to give simple indications of product popularity. The same data can be used to optimise store layouts and also monitor for issues arising from poor product display or display space utilisation.

Enhance the brand experience

Airspace’s content delivery tools allow the brand to implement text, images, audio and video in a variety of ways, from simple surveys to interactive product trails – such as treasure hunts.

Combined with other data, such as sales in a fashion store, the can experience useful and engaging content such as what’s trending in store that day or even hour.

Social media engagement can also be integrated to encourage interaction from the salesfloor, flash sales can be switch on and off in real time, events can be added to the shopper on-phone calendar and loyalty content can be delivered at precise and relevant places around the location.

Benchmark store performance

Location Intelligence can be used to reduce the brand’s reliance on mystery shopping and customer surveys by providing a real time, real people view direct from devices in the store. Supplemented by sales data, this information can be used to deliver key insights on store performance. Management teams can quickly spot when process are not being followed, marketing activity not being deployed or staff are generally underperforming. All from a remote online view that can be managed across the organisation.

Start with a simple trial

Location Intelligence can be implemented with a low-cost trial in just a few stores before a full roll-out to a national chain, giving the retailer the opportunity to first discover and then fully realise the benefits of proximity marketing.

Talk to us about creating a trial tailored to your business and customer profile that will ultimately lead to giving you connected stores that will compete effectively in the new mobile-led digital age.

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