Use Location Intelligence for Airports to improve the customer experience and increase revenues

Airspace’s Location Intelligence methodology is deployed in airports to enhance operational efficiency, improve passenger throughput and ultimately to increase non-aero revenues.

Using passengers’ own smartphones the airport operator can deliver a seamless journey through the terminal to ensure not only that passengers reach their gate on time but on the way are presented with opportunities to engage with retail partners.

Allied with footfall analysis tools, Location Intelligence can give the Connected Airport an accurate snapshot of activity and use it to improve operations and find revenue opportunities.

Smoother operations lead to greater revenue

The full Location Intelligence implementation will take the passenger through a door-to-gate journey that is designed to increase efficiency and deliver the passenger to key operational points, from baggage check-in and security control to the departure gate.

Airport retail engagement
Operational efficiency for airports

Along the way, Location Intelligence works to maximise opportunities to increase retail revenues by delivering relevant and timely promotions and other messages, direct to the passenger’s smartphone.

Direct-to-palm engagement

Whereas an airport’s website is rarely used for more than checking flight times or parking rates, the mobile application can become the passenger’s primary contact point with the airport.

Using proximity marketing technology we can determine the right message at the right time, from informing of the queue time through Security Control right now, to the time needed to walk to their gate. All the time, Location Intelligence will be looking for ways to expand the amount of time the passenger can spend with airside retail partners.

Multi-functional proximity messaging to passengers

Start by improving retail sales

The full Location Intelligence deployment uses integration with your existing and third-party systems, such as CRM platforms. But you can also start with a simple retail-focussed application that, in a quick-to-deploy programme called Airspace Pilot, will give you a ready-made passenger engagement campaign to increase retail revenue.

Talk to us about building a package aligned with your business and marketing objectives that leads to a Connected Airport that is ready for the future.